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Residential Cost Estimating


We take the guesswork out of residential cost estimation for builders and architects.  We use a 3D model of the proposed work to accurately calculate material, labour and equipment costs.

We can work from sketches or full desgins.




Ensure that your design meets the budget




Price with confidence and a quick turnaround


Home Owners


Find out what the renovation will cost without having to chase tradesmen.

YourQS Can Help

Our Services


Concept Estimates

Giving an early stage idea of the project costs using assumptions


Detailed Estimates

A more accurate estimate against more complete designs

Sub Trade Estimates

Estimates for certain building elements like roofing, rainwater, insulation, doors, painting, plumbing.  We can take-off the bit that you need for your business.

Construction Cost Consultancy

Our accurate and sensitive costing models can help understand the comparative costs of different construction methods or systems.  We keep up with market price movements and new products or methods so can provide information on what is happening.


Data Entry

If you want your estimate into your job cost system we can give you a file to import (depending on system) or enter for you if required.

BIM Consultancy

We have many years experience working with utilising BIM models for downstream processing and the development of software and systems around this.


Some of the Clients We’ve Provided

Costing or Consultancy Services To :








Do You Have Any Questions?


We can use your merchant price lists or our market rates database.  We use your labour rates and you mark-ups.  We provide market rate allowances for client choice items.

We maintain a database of subcontract rates, equipment hire costs, and the like by averaging information collected from projects.

  1. You send us the drawings.
  2. We review and give a fee proposal.
  3. We review the drawings in detail send you any questions for clarification.  You advise us your hourly rates, mark-ups, etc.  If required, we schedule a phone call to talk through the project to make sure that we understand your construction strategy and address any issues that we may need to allow for that aren’t evident from the drawings.
  4. You advise us your hourly rates, mark-ups, etc.
  5. We model the work and create a detailed Builder Estimate for you to review.
  6. We apply any changes that you’d like to make and give you the Client Estimate for presentation to your client.
  7. We can then upload the estimate into your system.

We provide you with a couple of standard reports, one is a priced quantity schedule for you to check through and satisfy yourself with the detail of what we have estimated.  It includes a breakdown of sub-trade costs, allowances, and details labour build-up.  The report is broken into separate scopes with a 3D picture and schedule of elements.

The other main one is a client estimate.  This gives a total price for each scope along with a 3D picture of the scope with  colour coded key and includes a schedule of the allowances.

See examples <<here>>


Our standard turnaround is 5 to 7 working days.  Our express service is 3 days and urgent jobs can be done in two days.

Of course, these times are subject to availability.   We’ll confirm and agree a turnaround time when you confirm the job.


There are two parts to answering this: is what I expect included, and have you calculated the costs correctly?  Our technology is a big advance forward in solving these two problems that are issues with any estimate.

By using a 3D model anyone can easily see what is included and just how big it is.  Our estimate report gives you a 3D visualisation for each scope, a short description of the work, a schedule of the building elements, and a detailed cost breakdown.

The cost breakdown does a complete “bottom up” estimate for every 3D element using its characteristics and dimensions.  Rather than relying on estimators gut feel for how long something will take and what it will cost, we have developed detailed costing algorithms based on industry best practice, suppliers installation information, years of experience, and feedback from our customers, to calculate the required materials, materials, equipment, sub contractors, and labour as accurately as possible.  It has taken years to research and develop our costing assemblies and they contain decades of organisational knowledge that is now available to you.

An experienced estimator could achieve the level of detail and accuracy by hand using traditional estimating methods, but it would take days to do this across a project, using the power of computers means that we can do it in minutes, and the accuracy is repeatable.

Bottom line, we aim at being within 5 – 10% for construction drawings and 10 – 20% for concept designs.


We use a 3D system to model the work.  This model has elements that represent the real world, like walls, doors, demolition, scaffolding, and so on.  Being visual, it is easy to see what is included and what isn’t.

We use these elements to calculate the costs involved in doing that work including labour, materials, sub contractors, and equipment.  The elements have dimensions but also are intelligent so know what they are and what they are made.   This allows for very accurate costs.

More Information

If you would like any more information or would like us to provide an estimate, then get in touch today!