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Service Detail Trade Retail
Base Cost Project setup and QA checking and first 25m2 $160.00
Builder costs Estimate using pricing rates provided or market rates.   $1.75/m2 $2.50/m2
Plumbing and Drainage Add plumbing and drainage estimate to the take off. $0.30/m2 $0.75/m2
Electrical Add electrical estimate to the take off. $0.30/m2 $0.75/m2
Sub trade quotes We can source quotes from your nominated sub trades and collate into the estimate. +$1.05/m2 $1.50/m2
No BIM We’ll create one using PDF, 2D drawings, or photos +15%
Standard New House

New house built with standard materials.. Typically roof with up to 3 ridge breaks, up to 3 levels.

Simple addition onto an existing house with minimal renovation of existing.

Standard Alteration Demolition and alterations within existing building but easily identified on plans.  (Poorly detailed plans where we have to figure out what is going on count as complex.) List+25%
Complex Alteration Difficult drawings to interpret, complex changes to building requiring interpretation of exactly what is altered. List+50%
Complex New House Complex design, unusual materials or building systems, multiple split levels, complex roofs, multiple raking walls. List+50%


Service Target turnaround
Standard 5 to 7 working days
Express* 3 days +15%
Urgent* 2 days +30%


* Subject to resource availability.

Area is the total area being taken off including floor area, decks, paving, retaining walls etc.

All prices are plus GST and subject to biscoBureau terms of trade.

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