Fast, accurate quoting for residential builders

We are an innovative start-up business that specialises in quantity surveying for residential builders. Our business is based around our 3D estimating technology that allows us to virtually build the project then use this our accurate software to calculate the costs. This is good because it gives visual confirmation of the measurements and an accurate cost calculation.

We started promoting YourQS about a year ago and have now completed over 300 projects working with approximately 70 builders, designers, and home owners.

Our technology handles the variability in renovations as well as new builds.

We do a lot of work with early stage concept designs, helping you to quickly “dial in” a project to the customer’s budget before it gets expensive to make changes.

Traditional estimating is very reliant on the experience and knowledge of the estimator. Our approach absorbs knowledge from multiple people and sources as we teach our system what it takes to build each part of a house. Much of this comes from feedback that we get from builders and subtrades, so our system contains years of experience and knowledge that you benefit from when using YourQS.

Our system has elements to represent all of the different building activities involved in a renovation or new build. Our team will build a model of the work in your project that not only addresses building work, but also covers demolition and other costs like scaffolding or site security fencing.

Our process is:

  • Send us your drawings (generally as a PDF) and ideally a description of the scope of work.
  • We’ll give you a fixed price fee proposal for doing a take-off for you.
  • If you want to proceed, we’ll review the drawings in more detail to determine if we need more information.
  • We’ll then work through these questions with you, either on the phone or via email.  We’ll also discuss rates, desired approach to subtrades, mark-ups etc.
  • We then create the model for the work, a second QS reviews it and generates the priced schedule.
  • You then get the client and detail reports as a first cut of the job to work through.
  • If you have any questions or require any changes we work through these with you.