BIM2YourQS Revit User Guide

BIM2YourQS allows you to create and send an XML export from your 3D model of just the geometry that is useful for creating a cost estimate.

1. Filter your view to show the elements for export.  To start with, we can use the following types of elements:

  • Floors (or similar slab type elements like decks, paving, lawns, and the like)
  • Walls (or similar wall type elements like fences, partitions)
  • Roofs
  • Ceilings
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Columns
  • Beams

2.  Select all elements in the view

3. Click Add-in menu, then External tools, then BIM2YourQS

4. The next form shows a summary of the included elements.  Press Ok to continue.

5.  This creates an XML file in your downloads folder.

6. Zip the xml file if is it more than 1mb.

7. Along with the XML file, we will also need a set of the PDF drawings because most of the information about the build is set out in the 2D details which are not included in the XML file.

A description of the scope is also useful, particularly if the drawings are not fully notated.  Include a specification document if available, a short form summary of any selections is particularly useful.

8. Send the files to us using Fee Proposal Request

If you use Revit LT, Autodesk does not support Add-ins in this version.  The work around for this is to install the full version of Revit, then open the model saved from LT in viewer mode, and then use the Add-in as above.