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Thanks for the take-off for this project, carried out back in April. I found it extremely thorough, and the clients were also very happy with the process.


It did trigger a re-think of the design based on the client’s budget. I have attached the revised design, are you able to carry out the same QS for this version please.

Mark T - Construction Company

I’m pleased that I used YourQS even though it cost. If I’d done the take-off myself it would have taken me off the tools for four days so I’m definitely better off. 

DR - Builder

Wow!!! Thank you very much for the comprehensive report it is fabulous and certainly gives us a lot to work with.

DK – Home Owner

This all look very good.  I’ll get into review this week and contact you if any changes required.  Thanks for getting this to us in good time.

MD - Builder

We have got a signed Contract for job. Your style of presentation to our clients, I think, did the trick. As you know there is a lot of guess work in a project of this type but your layout for presentation made it look like I knew exactly what was going on. Thanks for everything.

MD - Builder

I have reviewed your price for job against what I had priced it at and was interesting to note once I had changed my kitchen and contingency allowances to match yours, we were less than 1% different, which was awesome.

BB – Builder

I initially thought that your hours were high (on a Villa renovation) but now that we have done the job, they have turned out to be very accurate.

JL – Builder

Thanks Nick, it looks bloody good,  Sorry mate one thing I forgot to tell you is would you be able to delete the earthworks out of the estimate, I have this on a separate quote as it is on a steep hill with poor access, apart from that I am super impressed.

NE – Builder

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