How to setup the YourQS SOW Tool

This video goes through the set-up of the YourQS Scope of works tool.

1. We use Microsoft Access to provide this tool so you need that installed. If you don’t already have Microsoft Office, you can install a free version. To install MS Office go to Login | Microsoft 365 (office.com) then login or create a new (free) account. From the Microsoft 365 home page select Install apps.

2. Once you have installed MS Access, download and run the YourQS SOW Installer. Click this link to register and download.

As this tool is written using Visual Basic in MS Access you might have issues with your virus protection software as it is unmanaged code. We keep our virus protection software up to date so you can be confident that the application is safe.

3. The installer copies three files into the folder C:\YourQS\, creates a desktop shortcut, a start menu shortcut as well as an uninstall function. The three files are:

YourQSSOW.accdb is the application that contains the program and forms.

YourQSSOW_be.accdb is where you data is stored.

YourQSSOWSettings.accdb stores the settings for your system.

The YourQS SOW tool can be shared between multiple users when there is a network available.

4. If you wish to have multiple network users on different computers share the SOW Tool, you need to follow these steps after installing the YourQS SOW Tool on the first machine.

a) Create a network file share
b) Ensure that each machine that you wish to run the tool has this drive mapped
c) Copy the backend database (YourQSSOW_be.accdb) to this shared location
d) Run the YourQS SOW Installer on the first machine that you wish to use it on.
e) Then open the SOW tool and click on the Settings button in the Settings, then click Relink Database, then navigate to the network location where you copied YourQSSOW_be.accdb and press Open. This connects the front end to the shared database.
f) Delete C\YourQS\YourQSSOW_be.accdb so that there are not multiple copies on your network
g) Repeat steps d) to f) on each machine that you wish to use the SOW Tool on.

If you have any questions, please contact YourQS.