YourQS Scope of Works Tool

If the scope of works is wrong, the estimate is wrong

Establishing a clear scope of works is the foundation step to getting an accurate cost estimate.  To assist our customers with this we have developed an easy to use tool to step you through the process of creating a scope of works.

The tool allows you to:
* Specify the work required in each room, group of rooms, or a zone of work (like an outdoors area, or external works to the house)
* Capture the work required in each area by each subtrade
* Save photos against the room and make notes against those photos
* Outline your mark-up, hourly rates, and allowances to YourQS
* Present your client with a professional document so that they can agree that you have understood the work required
* Share the scope of work with your subtrades
* Create key notes for linking the drawing to the Scope of Works

The YourQS SOW Tool is developed as an application using Microsoft Access.  To use it you need to have Microsoft Office, you don’t need the licensed version of Access, the free run-time version is okay.