We are pleased to release latest version of our main quantity surveying reports.  We are constantly working at improving our systems and processes and these reports include recent improvement suggestions and feedback from our customers.

Our estimating system utilises a database that enables us to create reports that show the same information in different ways for different purposes. The PDF version of the reports have hyperlinks within the content which allows the user to drill down in the report to see more detail.

We have two main reports that we provide to our customers:

  1. Client Report – This is designed for you to use with your client. It communicates to them what you have included in your proposal and what each part of the build is worth.  We have worked hard with our customers to pitch this at the right the level of detail; enough to build your credibility and for them to understand what the different parts of the job cost, but not so much so that they start picking it apart. It also includes a bio about you and your business to help sell yourself to them. See an example report here <<506 Client Report>>
    Sample of a YourQS Client Report for residential quantity surveying
  1. Detail Report – This contains a complete breakdown of all of the costing information for your project. You can review it to see what we have included and how we have calculated it. It has hyperlinks in the PDF document so that you can drill down to more detailed information. As labour is a big factor in any project, we included a detailed breakdown that shows exactly how we have calculated out the labour times.  See an example report here <<506 Detail Report>>
    Sample of a YourQS Detail Report for residential quantity surveying

These new versions have:

  • Tables of contents with page numbers
  • Hyperlinks on more content
  • In the detail report labour hours show in the work area and scope summaries
  • The summary by trade is simplified
  • Prices in Client Report are now GST inclusive.